Sunday, August 2, 2009

Getting Started

I did only have limited experience with linux, but that was enough for me to get started. People at MobileReader already made it easy to start developping/porting programs for the DR1000.
- First you will need the correct development environment. Since I wanted to use my 'down-stairs' PC for development I needed the environment to work under windows. Fortunately Adam B. created a VMWare-image that is easy to install and use.
- Next you need to update the VMWare-image with the lastest development tools that are supplied by iRex (The original VMWare image contains the V1.03 tools). On the website of iRex a document explains how to start development for the DR1000.
This document very well explains how to get started. It also explains how to start if you do not want to use the VMWare image, but use a linux installation. (I think it is wise to use the recommended Ubuntu 8.04 and not another/newer version.)

Now it is time to look at HelloWorld...

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