Sunday, August 2, 2009

First Post

In my spare time I am porting and developing applications for the iRex DR1000s EBook reader. In this blog I want to log my experience so others can benifit from it. I also want to use the blog to get feedback on my current project and get ideas for new projects. I will keep posting my applications to the MobileReader forum, here I will tell my progress and problems.
My main projects are:
- mxSudoku, which is based on gtk-sudoku (the sudoku generator and solver is from that project) but its user-interface is completely new (based on the helloworld example of iRex).
- xournal, which was originally ported to the DR1000 by UtterInanity. I added the task-manager icon, 'native-menu' and 'quick-scribbling' support.
- leafpad, to which I added the task-manager icon and enabled the use of gtk_file_selection to work around the problems of the file_chooser.

In other posts I will come back on the term used above and explain what/how I did it.

PS: My native language is not English, so forgive me if I use strange words or constructs.

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